Astrobooty® Testimonials

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I purchased the 2 inch Astrobooty with a 1 inch booty bump! Also the shorts are a size medium! Perfect fit! I’m absolutely in love with these pads! Owners are professional and amazing to work with! Takes 2-3 weeks to receive but totally worth the wait! When I’m ready to go up I will definitely be contacting Planet Pepper!! ♥️♥️♥️ much love and respect!!
Kort Anna
I'm a trans woman who is self conscious about her shoulder to hip ratio. These pads are everything!!! They look so natural, i've had my 1 inch hips/butt pad shorts for almost a year, wear them under my clothes when going to work excluding laundry days. I've just ordered the 2 inch ones because I want them a bit wider, these are definitely worth the wait I luv them so much.
Jan. 2020
My experience with Planet Pepper is just the best. I've never had such good service, so patient and kind. The Product (Astrobooty 2") has really elevated my drag, and is very good quality. I highly recommend them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Miss Sistrata, Uri Elkayam, Isreal