2 inch Astrobooty® Shorts Hip/Butt Pads


No more wrangling with hip and butt pads. Astrobooty® secures the pads in the right place: your hips and booty. High kicks, splits, death drops, the pads will stay put all night. Astrobooty® will cut your dress time by more than half. Step into the shorts, pull them up and instant Hour Glass shape. You’ll have more time for your face.

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Astrobooty® is a patent pending hip/butt pad undergarment for Drag Queens, CD’s and trans women. 

Made from Medium density foam these 2″ pads extend from the buttocks, around your waist and down your thighs and create a feminine hourglass shape. 

They are inserted into Spandex shorts, which come in 5 sizes and 4 colors and can be hand washed after removing the pads from the internal pockets. 

Wear with our new Astro-tights to smooth out the pads and our Astrobelt to pull up and in the pads. 

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. 

 Destination–Planet Pepper! 

Sizes :

S : waist  28″-33″ Length 18″   (Small pads 10 x 17″) 
M :  waist 34″-38”, length 18.5” (medium pads 13.5 x 18″) 
L :  waist 40″–44”, length 21”  (large pads 16 x 20″) 
XL :  waist 46″-50″, length  22.5” (x-large pads 16.5 x 21″)
XXL : waist 52″-56″, length 24.5” (xx-l pads 16.5 x 21″)

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