FAQ’s for our products

1. How do I order the right size shorts, pants, tights, belt, etc?

We recommend you measure around your belly button, or high waist for men, natural waist for women. Measure without your corset on. Then compare that measurement to our chart. Do not use your pants’ or dress size.  If you fall in between sizes on our chart, order the smaller size, because our products should be snug on you. Then order everything in that size. Don’t mix sizes. You can also contact me for help.

2. How do I order the right thickness?

Our pads range from 1 inch to 6 inches thick. The thickness will depend on the look you want to achieve. The 1 inch pads are just a hint of a shape. The 2 inch pads are a real girl look. The 3, 4 and 6 inch are for an exaggerated huge look. We call these pads the “table and chair knockers,” because you can’t get through brunch without knocking over tables and chairs. They are that thick. 

3. What if my birth certificate says “female” and I identify as a cis woman, should I get Astrobooty?

If you’re a cis woman, but have no figure due to surgery or genetics, you would want our Women’s 1 inch Astrobooty. The shorts are designed for women. Further, 1 inch is usually more than enough. Even though you may be boxy, you will only need a hint of shape. 2 inches or more will make you look clownish and ridiculous. 

4. Why should I buy Planet Pepper’s products instead of other pads?

Astrobooty is a patent pending technology. They are pads that are inserted into professionally manufactured spandex shorts or pants. The pads cover both your buttocks and your sides. And are hand cut from medium dense foam. Other pads do not come in shorts or pants. Nor do they cover the hip, butt and waist area. Nor are they made out of a medium dense foam.

Our products are easy and fast to put on. You step into the shorts or pants and pull them up: instant hips. Plus, the shorts and pants secure the pads in place. You don’t need to fuss or fix them.

Further, we’re reliable and fast. You’ll get your pads in just 2 to 3 weeks.

Finally, our products come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes for every body type. Many other companies don’t offer such a variety and diversity of products. 

5. How do I clean my Astrobooty and Astrobutt?

You can and should clean your Astrobooty and Astrobutt.

To wash the shorts or pants, first remove the foam pads. Turn the shorts or pants inside out and unzip the inner pockets. Then remove the pads. Wash the shorts or pants separately. You can hand wash them or throw them in the washer on gentle. You can then hang dry or throw them in the dryer on low. 

To wash the pads, you can throw them in the washer on gentle or steam them with a steamer. Then throw them in the dryer on low.

Then put the pads back in the shorts or pants. 

6. Should I measure around my belly button with or without my cincher or corset?

Yes, you should measure around your belly button without your cincher or corset. Astrobooty should look natural on you, so you need to measure your natural body.

7. How should I wear Astrobooty?

Step into the shorts and pull them up till the waistband fits around your belly button. The waistband should cover your belly button. That is where you should wear Astrobooty.

8. Are Astrobooty and Astrobutt like enhancers?

No. Enhancers are meant to enhance what you have. Since most men and some women don’t have any hips, enhancers won’t work. Plus, they only cover a small portion of the body.

Whereas, Astrobooty and Astrobutt are hip and butt pads. They give a shape or curves that you don’t have. Further, they cover both the buttocks and sides. 

9. What is the difference between Astrobooty and Astrobutt?

Astrobooty gives you an hourglass shape. The pads cover the buttocks and extend down the thigh to about the knee. Both your buttocks and thighs will be thicker. This hourglass shape is traditionally worn to compete in pageants.   

Whereas, Astrobutt gives you an apple bottom shape. The pads cover the buttocks, but instead of extending down the thigh, they extend up the sides. Because the extension goes up your sides, you can wear short tight dresses with these pads. Astrobutt also come with a 1 inch butt bumper that pops your buttocks by an inch. So your buttocks will be thicker than your sides. If you want to show off your legs, these are your “go to” pads. 

10. How do I smooth out my pads?

The pads are made by hand, so they are not smooth. Some people use several layers of stockings and hose. But that can get really hot quickly. Instead, you should get our Astrotights. You only need one pair to smooth out the pads.