FAQ’s for Astrobooty and Astro-Mini

1. Can I get a refund or exchange if I buy the wrong size or item?

There are no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. All of our products are undergarments so it is illegal for us to refund or exchange products. Please don’t ask us to commit a crime. Instead check your sizes carefully.

2. Why should I wear hip/butt pads?

Pads help create the illusion of feminine curves. They add curves to the pelvic, hip and buttock area. Consequently, dresses fit better, because they are designed with hips in mind. Pads make your waist appear smaller. Finally, pads are often a requirement for pageants.

3. What if I was born a woman, should I get Astrobooty?

Astrobooty may be what you need if you really want to add extreme curves. However, they are designed for men and sizes are not typical women’s sizes. We have 2 styles. We recommend Astro-Mini for our biologically born women. Please contact us with your waist measurement and height, and we will be happy to assist.

The sizes are listed in men’s sizes. Use the Size Chart on our website. Simply click on the Size Chart tab. Check them carefully before ordering or just ask us for help, because all sales are final. To determine size, measure around your belly button. Do not go with your pants’ size. (Planet Pepper Size Chart Click Here!)

4. Why should I buy Astrobooty instead of other pads?

Astrobooty is a patent pending technology. They are pads that are inserted into professionally manufactured spandex shorts. They are easy and fast to put on. You step into the shorts and pull them up: instant hips. Plus, the shorts secure the pads in place. You don’t need to fuss with them or fix them. Further, we’re reliable and fast. You’ll get your pads in just 2 to 3 weeks. Finally, our products come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes for every body type.

5. How can I figure out what waist size I should buy?

Measure around your belly button to determine what waist size you should buy. Do not use your pants’ size. Please contact us with your waist and height; we will gladly answer any questions you have.

The sizes are listed in men’s sizes. If you’re a woman or confused, use the Size Chart on our website. Simply click on the Size Chart tab. Check them carefully before ordering or just ask us for help, because all sales are final.

6. Should I measure around my belly button with or without my cincher or corset?

Yes, you should measure around your belly button without your cincher or corset. Astrobooty should look natural on you, so you need to measure your natural body.

7. How should I wear Astrobooty?

Step into the shorts and pull them up till the waistband fits around your belly button. The waistband should cover your belly button. That is where you should wear Astrobooty.

8. What thickness should I get?

This is based on personal taste. If you want a subtle look like Pandora Boxx, buy the 2 inch Astrobooty. This is a soft but definite shape. If you want a bold look like Alaska, buy the 3 inch Astrobooty. It depends on what look you like to project.

Further if you want a very soft roundness, order the 2 inch Astro-Mini. If you want only a hint of roundness, get the 1 inch Astro-Mini. The Astro-Mini are great if you’re transitioning from male to female and you need just a bit of shape.

9. What is the difference between Astrobooty and Astro-Mini?

Astrobooty is the traditional across the buttock and down the leg pad. It can be bold or soft depending on what thickness you order. The extension goes down the thigh giving you a full body look. The shape is often compared to Africa. Northern Africa hugs your buttocks and sides, whereas Sub Saharan Africa extends down your thigh. It fills our pageant gowns perfectly.

Astro-Mini is not the traditional hip and butt pad. The pads do not extend down your leg. Instead they extend across the buttock and up to the high hip. Astro-Mini come with a 1 inch butt bumper that rounds out your buttock. These pads are great for everyday use. These “go to” pads should be standard in everyone’s closetl