Welcome to Planet Pepper

Home of the Astrobooty®

Welcome to Planet Pepper® where our mission is to “Bootify the Glamazons of the world with our Astrobooty® hip and butt pads!” Astrobooty® is a patent-pending technology. We’re all about the booty on Planet Pepper.

Like other planets, Planet Pepper has an axis on which it turns.  These few guiding principles keep our little planet orbiting. On Planet Pepper, we believe:

  • If you’re bold enough to paint your eyebrows three inches above where they actually grow, then you are on a whole new planet—Planet Pepper.
  • Now is the right moment. There is no perfect time, so don’t wait around for it.
  • Speed matters. Planet Pepper’s turnaround time is faster than others. We can get your Astrobooty or dress out to you in two to three weeks.
  • Planet Pepper definitely believes in the fun. Our designs are fun and dramatic.
  • We believe in the power of made in the USA. All Planet Pepper designs are manufactured in New York State.

So buy Astrobooty®. Then post pictures on our Facebook page. We love that.

So join us on the spaceship and take your look at a whole new place. Destination — Planet Pepper!

Planet Pepper is a certified gay-owned business with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.